Printer Canon Pixma MP240 Review

Both colour and mono copy high quality were superb, with clear recreation of message and accurate colour and also shading. Lots of budget plan MFPs are limited to nine xeroxes in a solitary run, however the Canon Pixma MP240 can be established to 20.

Canon Pixma MP240
Canon Pixma MP240

The ScanGear scanner software application has actually been streamlined, however all the common Advanced Mode functions are still present, from software-based dirt as well as scratch elimination to tone as well as shadow improvement. By default, the scanner user interface closes after each check however can be set to continue to be open. You could additionally maintain the preview image in between scans. The 1,200 dpi maximum resolution is above that of most budget MFPs, yet the integrated Call Picture Sensing unit (CIS) scanner is best suited to scanning pictures for the web or files for archiving. Colours and also shielding were accurate, though.

Canon Pixma MP240 Review

Print expenses of 7.9 p per mixed-colour page are slightly greater than the other inkjets ready, and also the tri-colour cartridge has to be changed if you lose any kind of one colour. Nonetheless, the MP240’s exceptionally low cost and also outstanding print high quality make it our favourite low-price inkjet MFP. If you do not print often but still desire good-quality prints and precise scans, this is an excellent selection. It’s our Budget Buy.

Canon PIXMA iX6840 Review

Canon PIXMA iX6840 Review

Canon PIXMA iX6840

Canon PIXMA iX6840 Review – This high performance A3+ office printer offers Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, plus printing from mobile devices. 5 solitary inks successfully supply remarkable high quality company files and also images.

Canon PIXMA iX6840 – Benefits

  • High-performance, extremely small A3+ company printer
  • Easy providing cordless and also Ethernet connection
  • Outstanding high quality prints as well as no waste with independently replaceable 5 single inks system
  • Superfast file printing: A4 ISO ESAT 14.5 ipm mono/10.4 ipm colour
  • Publish a lot more for less with optional XL and also XXL inks

Compact A3+ office printer

Canon PIXMA iX6840 Driver Download – Elegant and also extremely compact this high performance A3+ printer with 5 solitary inks provides outstanding top quality record as well as image printing. It is the excellent desktop solution for printing big excel spread sheets, company posters and also pictures.

Smart connectivity

With both Wi-Fi as well as Ethernet connectivity it can effortlessly be discussed in between a number of PCs by means of a workplace network. Download Canon PRINT application to publish from your wise gadgets. Apple AirPrint and also Google Cloud Print support is additionally provided.

Superior quality

The 5 solitary ink system includes pigment black ink for crisp, sharp text and color colour inks for beautiful photo-lab top quality images– plus for much more reliable printing you just should switch out the colour that goes out.

Quick printing

No awaiting gorgeous prints. Thanks to Canon’s FINE innovation this printer has a rapid A4 record print speed of 14.5 ipm in mono and also 10.4 ipm in colour, as well as it could publish a photo lab-quality 10x15cm boundary less photo in approx. 36 secs.

Conserve with XL inks

Publish more for less. Optional XL inks deliver significantly a lot more pages, providing to 30% cost savings each page compared with conventional dimension inks. The optional XXL pigment black ink enables you to publish as much as 1000 monochrome web pages.

Unique contents

Enjoy access to a vast array of specialist top quality creative material with CREATIVE PARK COSTS. Conveniently develop and also publish posters as well as company papers utilizing templates from the special Remedy Layouts service.

Beef Oxtail Soup is Delicious and Tasty As Restaurant

oxtail soup

Ox-tail soup became the favorite food of many, utterly Michael Wong was being paid a visit to Indonesia. Ox-tail soup is not only warm when the weather is cold, but also rich in nutrients. Protein and fiber in vegetable makes this dish into a deliciously healthy again.

Although the aftermath of many popular dishes, many of which are not successfully preparing oxtail beef cuisine of its own.

A fishy odor that is often attached to the tail, makes people feel free to Cook yourself. Moreover, nowadays many restaurants and restaurants that sell fine oxtail in a variety of dishes.

Oxtail soup also should not be too much of a stir. Purpose is to make the texture of the flesh is not damaged and oxtail bouillon soup not butek. Roasted garlic and Ginger which is already so that the flavor of the soup oxtail soup You sharper.

Press pot or pressure cooker can be used replacing the regular pot. Jajang reassuring it feels will not change. Cooking time can be shorter than three hours so an hour. Well, if you want to try cooking it yourself following resep sop buntut sapi in here:

1 kilogram of beef, oxtail pieces to taste
3 liters of water
7 tablespoons oil or margarine for sautéing
1 pieces of potatoes, Peel then cut into wedge
1 carrots, peeled and then lengthwise (about 5 centimeters)
8 leeks, wash clean and then cut into pieces along a 5 centimeter
4 strands of leaf celery, wash clean and then each bunch.

1/2 teaspoon pepper powder
3 grain of nutmeg, memarkan
12 cloves garlic, memarkan
6 pieces of clove
Sugar to taste
Salt to taste
1 red plum tomatoes, cut into wedges (rough)
7 centimeter cinnamon
Beef broth

Supplementary materials:
Fried onions for topping

How to make:
1. Cook the water until boiling, then enter the meat that’s been washed clean. Cook for 10-25 minutes, pick up and dispose of the water.
2. prepare the other pot with boiling water and then insert the tail, insert the cinnamon and cloves.
3. Cook until the water is shrinking into a 1.5 litre, turn off the stove.
4. While waiting for the cool, puree the pepper, salt, nutmeg and garlic, then Saute until aromatic. lift
5. Bring to the boil again aftermath, enter into it and then stir-fry seasoning mix until all is dissolved.
6. Enter the vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and leeks, celery and tomatoes.
6. Add sugar, salt and flavor enhancer to taste, stir again until blended. Lift.
7. the ox-tail soup ready to be served. Enjoy in the warm sauce with the addition of soy sauce and orange juice.

This Type of Plant Could be a Fence For Your Home

plantHouse with land limited, sometimes encourage occupants to smart-smart ‘ play ‘ for maintaining brain function at the same time improve the aesthetics of the home. First, the exterior area homes ranging from fencing to yard House.

Imagine a land with an area of 60 m – 90m2, you surely will find it difficult to integrate parts of the exterior of the House efisen and corresponding functions, such as a combination of elements of security and aesthetic value.

But do not despair! A lot of interesting ideas that could be generated for the blending functions of fence with plants being the unity of chic to your home.

How do you do? Is to use the plant. Shadowy plants and the green of the leaves can give the impression of beautiful and of course beautiful when viewed from outside the House. And these are the types of crops that can be used as a House, fence.

Plant Clementis

The first plant is Clementis. This plant is in the form of petals and petal pretty colored. Color ungunya can add strong feminine impression. You can plant crops at the picket fence is not too high.

Japanese Holly

Its thorny stem with high, can become a beautiful fence in your home. Especially if the trees are styled ranged, wah yard you will be more attractive.

American Holly

Next, is the American Holly. This plant is still a ‘ clump ‘ with Japanese Holly plants. If seen in shape, fruit of this plant resembles it. But the difference is, the physical form of the plant is not as high as the trees it or Japanese Holly.

Even so, the plant is often a ‘ friend ‘ of the fence of the House.


Fern plant is short the TASSELED LOAFERS and have roots creeping. If planted with great numbers, this plant could be a natural fence. Not only beautiful, Fern can also serve as a controlling pests, foods, and is also good for health.

The content of vitamin A are more found in this type of plant. So, in addition to the beautiful can also be healthy.


Last one is bamboo. This plant is actually enter into the category of grasses. However, due to the form of this plant is quite ‘ slim ‘ and tall, made of bamboo as the right choice to be used as a fence.

The green color of the leaves as well as sunny, gives an interesting effect when during the day.

Canon PIXMA iP1800 Review

Canon PIXMA iP1800 Review

Canon Pixma iP1800

Canon Pixma iP1800 Review – is a prime prospect for house or an university dorm, as well as a prospective choice for light-duty printing in a home office. Configuration is common for an ink jet: Plug it in, transform it on, and also break in the black and also tricolor cartridges. After that run the automatic installation program as well as plug in a USB wire when the program tells you to. Unlike the majority of Canon printers, the Canon Pixma iP1800 Driver Download – consists of the nozzles in the cartridges, so there’s no separate print visit set up.

Sadly, one choice Canon made to keep the cost reduced was to remove automated placement. That means you have to line up the print heads by hand an uncommon step for just about the least-expensive printers today. Hands-on alignment involves printing an alignment web page, choosing the best looking selections for every of a number of placement samples, and then going into the setups in the printer motorist. Offered the rate, relying upon hands-on positioning serves, but it does not make the process any kind of much less of a duty, particularly because you have to do it whenever you change a cartridge. Consider it the cost you need to pay for the advantage of shelling out much less money.

The iP1800 likewise scores fairly well on top quality. Text is a little below par for an ink jet, but far from the worst I have actually seen. The only actual problems were operating two greatly elegant font styles with thick strokes.

Image high quality is typical for a current-model ink jet, making the iP1800‘s prints just as good as images from your regional pharmacy or image shop. That’s a bit except just what you can receive from the very best photo printers or a specialist image laboratory, but it’s also true image top quality by definition. I saw a small blue shift in some images, and also tips of color in some tones of gray on a monochrome photo, but no significant concerns. Unless you have an essential eye, you most likely will not discover any type of issues.

The images are additionally reasonably water immune. If you allow drops of water completely dry, they’ll leave water discolorations, but you could hand the pictures around for staff to consider without bothering with them returning smeared. I held one under running water and also scrubed it without recognizable impact.

Dodol Kerinci Tasty and Crunchy From Indonesia

dodol kerinciIn Java, light meals or snacks dodol is identical to a Regency in West Java, namely Arrowroot. Dodol Garut is indeed very well known to the different regions as food specialties and obligatory gift of Garut. You guys need to know that resep dodol garut very simple and food dodol garut also widely marketed outside Garut for instance Bandung.

However, did you know there’s a lunkhead is typical of the island of Sumatra? The Name Lunkhead Kerinci. The name “kerinci” no stranger again of course. Kerinci is a Regency of Jambi’s name. Kerinci is also the name of a volcano is the highest in Indonesia that is Mount Kerinci. Dodol Kerinci taste delicious and not too sweet on the tongue. If you have ever tasted the dodol Garut, flavor dodol Kerinci is different because it is more crisp. When you chew it, flakes of dodol is not inherent in the teeth. It tastes too sweet not be excess, not make you stop eating just one or two seeds of dodol.

Kerinci dodol is made of the main ingredients of potatoes. Kerinci Regency is indeed one of the best producers of potatoes and carrots on the island of Sumatra. Geographical location
Kerinci Regency, at the foot of Mount Kerinci makes the soil very fertile agricultural region with mountains. The soil produces potatoes Kerinci-best potato then many dioleh into many specialties, one of which lunkhead Kerinci.

Enjoy dodol Kerinci instead of simply eating snacks while the afternoon. Dodol Kerinci became a representation of fertility and the tradition of keeping a sense of regional food.
The best quality potatoes Kerinci be one parcel to make dodol best. In addition, other materials that naturally make dodol Kerinci became the pride of the community Kerinci.

Dodol Kerinci has some sense according to mix the ingredients. Call it lunkhead Kerinci taste Palm sugar, pineapples, and flavor dodol Kerinci flavor of pandan. A sense of duty to You i.e. lunkhead original potatoes. The original potato lunkhead is a lunkhead first before the other flavors.

One of the places of production and dodol Kerinci who crowded the visitors at the bottom of Nagodang. Bottom of Nagodang is approximately 1.5 hours from the urban area of Kerinci westward. This area was beautiful as it is a mountainous area. This area includes a strategic area adjacent to the two neighbouring provinces, namely West Sumatra Province and Bengkulu Province.

Reserved price, you do not need to worry. You can bring a lunkhead Kerinci as gift shop without a lot of spending money. Dodol kerinci sold per box with a simple plastic container. In each box, there are ten seeds. If you are into the Regency of Kerinci, very dear if you cannot bring a gift shop this crisp to the people you care about.

The Latest Video Game Pac-Man Release Soon


Bandai Namco ceaselessly pampering gamers around the world by presenting a number of video game hits him.

After early last month announced the release date of the latest video game titled Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, original Japan gaming companies now back announced the release date of their latest video game from the Pac-Man series.

Offered from Gematsu, Wednesday (10/8), the latest version of the old game was titled Pac-Man Championship Edition 2. It is the suksesor of the previous series, i.e. Pac-Man Championship Edition ever released in June 2007.

Latest games will offer gamers a new mode of rebellion and the challenge is more fun to play, such as Score Attack Mode, Adventure Mode, big boss battles, and more.

The plan is the latest game Pac-Man will be released on September 13, the digital version of the upcoming platform for PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox and Windows PC One, at a cost of $ 13 or equivalent Rp 170 thousand. When it was released, this game is new to present to the region of North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Fried Banana Recipe, Tasty and Crunchy

fried banana
fried banana

Fried Banana recipes-the rainy season, surely wanted something warm, be it food or a drink. Specifically for food, there are many options that are offered one of them i.e. fried foods. In addition to the price are cheap and affordable, fried foods are chosen because it has the delicacy.

Speaking of fried foods, there are countless choices fried foods such as vegetable fritter, fried tofu, tempeh goreng, fried banana and much more. And all of them were equally tasty and tempting tastes, too lho.

The Pan is made from banana fruit coated with batter deep fried flour to crisp and crunchy. Bananas are used in making fried foods is actually not too specific. Because all types of bananas can be used to make this dish.

Banana fritter recipe to make this easy and simple inclined wrote. And I think everybody else certainly could make it her own, provided that knew the recipe and how to make it. The recipe below was obtained from the blog


10 pieces banana King, Peel his skin and halve lengthwise but do not break up
150 grams of bread flour
Oil for frying

Ingredients to dye:

200 g flour
1 egg chicken
2 tbsp granulated sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla
150 ml of water

How to make crispy fried banana:

First, combine all ingredients for the Dyer into the bowl, then mix well.
After that take the plantains, then dip into the batter the Dyer to all parts of the banana terlumuri perfect. Banana foster then scroll-roll above the bread flour until blended.
Next, fry the bananas into hot oil until cooked and the color turns brownish yellow. Lift and drain, then serve while warm.

10 Tips to reduce the risk of food poisoning

food poisoning

One of the most important parts of a healthy diet is keeping your food safe. Simple handling measures are very effective in helping to avoid the risk of food poisoning. by kokimganteng

#Cuci hands with SOAP and water

Wash your hands with SOAP and warm water clean if available. Rub your hands together to create a lather and scrub all parts of hands for 20 seconds. Rinse your hands carefully and dry with a clean paper towel. If possible, use your paper towel to turn off the tap.

#Sterilisasi surface before cooking

The surface should be cleaned with warm soapy water. You can also use a scoop of unscented chlorine bleach with four liters of water to disinfect the surface.

#Bersihkan Refrigerator regularly

At least once a week, food that has been in the fridge too long. Excess cooked food should be discarded after four days, while raw food or meat must be removed after one or two days.

#Bersihkan food tools

Clean the inside of Your tool storage place. Give special attention to knobs or handles where contamination may occur.

#Cuci your food

Wash fruits and vegetables with clean water before eating, cutting or cooking. Even if you plan to peel or cut his food before eating it, to prevent bacteria on the exterior from the inside.

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#Klasifikasi food while shopping

Input the seafood, meat and poultry are fresh into a plastic bag. Put them in the “ready to eat” in the refrigerator.

#Klasifikasi when preparing food

Always use a clean cutting board for fresh food, and separate cutting boards for meat, seafood and poultry are fresh.

#Masakan and cooling

Use food thermometer when cooking. A food thermometer is the best tool to make sure the food is thoroughly cooked, and for keeping cooked food at a constant temperature until ready to be served.

#Masak food safe temperature

The most effective way to prevent food poisoning is to check the temperature of cooked seafood, meat, poultry and egg dishes. Cook raw beef, lamb, veal, steak grilled and ate wings on the internal temperature of at least 63 ° Celsius. To ensure safety and quality, wait at least three minutes before cutting or eating. Sapid flesh an sheep on a safe minimum temperature of 71 ° Celsius. Cook poultry safely at least 74 ° Celsius.


How to Improve the Performance of Marketing On Facebook

marketing facebook

Marketing through Facebook’s languid, along with the rapid growth of social media users hosts Mark Zuckerberg that, particularly in Indonesia.

Facebook itself until the first quarter of 2016, social media remains the largest in the country. Active users in Indonesia recorded more than 82 million netizen.

The magnitude of the Facebook users pushed many people generate business opportunities online. This development, which, it appears from the growing training or seminar themed Facebook Marketing.

One was the seminar sessions ‘ Crack Retargeting Funnel ‘ organized by Redience in Building Creative Centre, Puri Indah, West Jakarta.

Redience is an application of the work of the nation’s children to better facilitate the online business running various marketing techniques on Facebook.

Facebook marketing seminar was hosted by the co-founder of Redience, namely, Iqbal and Maulana Alghifari Army. Two of these internet marketers share their success stories and case studies about social media marketing through Facebook.

The seminar was attended by more than 100 business people is presented as a continuation of the mission to educate the online business, professionals, and entrepreneurs who recently penetrated the digital world to thrive.

While the Army Alghifari added, in internet marketing, data management is crucial. Because in the Facebook marketing there is no assumption, everything in taking decisions on the next campaign is determined from data sets.

According to them, events like this are important to help the entrepreneurs who have an online business, that struck me about the importance of studying the data, in particular the management of Pixel Facebook.