How to Take Care Car Door Slide For a Sustainable

In general, a car that uses a sliding door is cars MPV class, as we have seen previously when the sliding door of the car is in need of care exstra because if it gets gancet on the road would normally be difficult to improve on that day , takes the handling of the experts to make Slide doors are broken into as good as usual, it would be nice if my friend could take good care so that they do not worry with this risk.

How to Take Care Car Door Slide For a Sustainable

Kredit Toyota Calya ,The sliding door on the car MPV is giving the impression of premium MPV vehicles, of course, there are some treatments and how to make the car door that can be closed and opened with a meeting. to open the sliding door on the car MPV usually there are two ways to automatically and manually, both ways of course, equally in need of care exstra, where the MPV cars that use automated means in his opening system is also equally takes care of exstra.

A car that uses a sliding door is usually a Premium MPV cars, examples such as the Honda Freed, Luxio Daihatsu, Toyota Alphard and much more. of course in addition to having a sliding door cars was also wrapped with a body that is a super premium, display sliding doors on the cars was indeed like a sweetener, but in general its role extremely important, but majority of owners of cars with a sliding door that has not been cared for sliding doors with less good.

Cars using the sliding door certainly is more attractive than the cars that menggunana design of an ordinary door, although it uses a sliding door good a car would have to have ease in shifting the door, on most cars certainly use the automatic sliding door, but the treatment is actually the same as that on the issue of the wheels on the sliding doors. for my friend who wondered how to care for a good sliding doors here are tips on How To Take Care Car Door Slide In addition Durable.

1. Door Slide Rail Conditions
How to Take Care of Door Slide Drives one of them is to consider the condition of the rail sliding door, while cleaning you should use a special cloth finer for small impurities alone can affect the condition of the rail sliding door, use a clean cloth to clean Do not forget to spray a special fluid such as lubricating spray it performed to remove impurities and residual lubricants. Do not forget to pay attention to the parts inside the sliding door rails perhaps no impurities such as leaves that fall into the sliding door rail sections.

2. Grease Lubricants
How to Take Care of Door Slide Car second is if the first process is already done at least twice, sob, After the rails are cleaned certainly stay we basting with fat (a type of lubricant pasta paraffin), avoid the use of fat oil as the oil itself will create dust easily stick, do not use spray oil also for motorcycle is different bro, do not do a treatment with oil to lubricate sliding door rail because it will quickly dirty and will affect the Performance of.

3. Bearing
How to Take Care of Door Slide Car next one was a check and care conditions of the bearing, When the sliding door started unusual noise then it is time pal perform maintenance on the bearings, then bearing carefully try if lubricant dripping onto the body of the car then wipe with soft cloth and then flush it with water and then rinse again until dry. when cleaning this bearing buddy should be careful enough not to lubricants used so dripping everywhere.

4. To Conserve Battery
How to Take Care of Door Slide Car this time to my friend that the sliding doors using electrical systems, as tips just sob when the engine condition die try sliding doors do not often open the lid,

by opening the lid on electric sliding doors when the engine is switched off will cause the battery overdrawn alias reduced a lot, while being in open or closed should not speed up the movement of the sliding door, let the system work first electrical work to complete, if this is often done certainly will damage the electric system is working.

5. Avoid Conflicts
How to Take Care of Door Slide the car next to collision, a crash that meant is that no loud crash when closing the car door, with the beat of loud will damage the car door not only the door but could on a latch that can be damaged or broken, well shut the door quietly alone usually on modern sliding door closed the door very easy, but note also who knows no objects near the sliding doors.

One of the advantages of a sliding door on the car including the main advantage is certainly more practical. Especially how to operate simply by appealing doorknob or simply press the button for the electric. Compare it with the usual door models that sometimes have often repeated because be less tight and hard to sound.

car model with sliding doors or also called sliding door, it is also going to make it easier to be in the parking lot. we often encounter difficulty in keeping the car in the parking lot because the parking lot is narrow so as to open the door only difficulty.

Use of a car door with a sliding door models itself there are two types of options, namely the type of manual and electric type. For manual models is little need to employ to open and door. while for the electric models, my friend will be pampered by simply opening the doorknob that will automatically be followed by the shifting of the door or by buttons on the dashboard of the car. one of the cars that use a sliding door is the Toyota Corolla, Toyota NAV1, Previa. Honda Freed and Nissan Serena who were mostly MPV car, so tips and How to Take Care Car Door Slide In addition Durable may be useful to man.

Characteristics of Ornamental Plants Seeds Great Good And Fast

Seed quality ornamental plants will determine the size of the production and flowering time. Seedlings are derived from generative breeding or in other words derived from seeds, it took much longer than the seeds derived from vegetative propagation.

How to set it apart very easily. In the vegetative propagation seedlings are former connection on the base of the stem, especially for grafting seedlings and graft (how to connect). While the seedlings come from, we did not find any connection limits on the stem. In addition, the seeds of generative reproduction is generally higher than the results of a vegetative seed. Tanaman Hias

Characteristics of Ornamental Plants Seeds Great Good And Fast

Seed generative breeding results generally will only bear fruit after 4-8 years. In addition, the fruit produced is generally different nature parent plant due to mutations that caused traits contained in the seed is not the same as its parent.Characteristics of Ornamental Plants Seeds Great Good And Fast

While the seeds are derived from vegetative propagation will give better results, faster flowering and harvesting shorter.

Plant propagation by vegetative means is done in several ways, namely grafts, grafting composition (eye patch), and connection. Therefore, if we want the mango crop is quickly bear fruit, choose seeds derived from vegetative propagation, which is derived from the seeds of superior and healthier.

Superior and healthy seedlings have high production, faster fruiting, taste better, and the shape, color, and size of the fruit more attractive. In addition, generally the result of vegetative propagation of seedlings are more resistant to pests and diseases.

Characteristics of healthy seeds is to have a solid trunk, branching strong with dense leaf number, have a smooth bark, and no one part of plant pests and diseases. Seedlings should have reached a height of 50 cm, stem diameter of 5 cm, and the seedlings 8-12 months of age.

Seeds of plants with leaves that are wilted, disability, or the colors fade, you should not be in use. This leaves the handicap caused baikm care less exposed to pests and diseases, or new plant was moved from its place.

Each seed has its advantages and disadvantages of each. Seeds of strong roots and seeds of the same nature as its parent. However, it took a long time to flowering and fruiting, can reach 8-10 years.

Seedling grafts have the same properties as its parent. The time needed to reach the phase of the formation of flowers from early transplanting into pots or the ground until flowering and fruiting relatively short. But the roots are not strong. While seedling grafting and grafting properties different from the parent plant.

But will bloom and bear fruit quickly, about 3-5 years old. Nevertheless, the seeds of grafting and grafting prime properties because it comes from the parent plant selection. For more safe, we should buy seeds that have a guarantee that the seedlings are derived from the parent tree.

Seed varieties also determine the success of cultivation. One of select seeds, the results can be disappointing for mango crop never bear fruit. Generally, almost all existing varieties can be engendered in the pot.

However, there are differences of time, productivity, and owned crown width. When we we Beru start, you should choose a plant with a header that balanced, easy to maintain, and quick to bear fruit.

Below Below are a few types of mangoes by fruiting ability, is as follows:

  • Mango species that is very easy to bear fruit. Examples are chokonan varieties.
  • The kind that is easy to bear fruit. Examples of varieties nam dok mai, apple, brazil, and modenko.
  • The kind that has the ability flowering medium. Generally, this type of mango will bear fruit after three years. An example is the Klang wan nan, okyong, arumanis, manalagi, Alphonso, irwin, Haden, khioe sawoei crossing, pawpaw, bahdarkandi, podang, cingnawang, pedro, and wild.
  • Kind of hard to fruition. For example gedong, parakeets, Gedong lipstick, khioe sawoei, indramayu, and red parakeets.
  • Types that are very difficult to bear fruit, for example, is R2E2, neldika, and kenshington pride.

Spoiler Bulb Photo Tutorial Using the Canon EOS 60D

Tutorials Photo Bulb Spoiler Using the Canon EOS 60D. Her all night, why I was greeted with the word night because this time I will share his tips to all who visit my blog about the steps in taking pictures BULB SPOILER in DSLR cameras. And I happen to own a Canon EOS 60D and therefore I will explain the steps it using a Canon EOS 60D camera’s mine.

BULB picture itself is a shooting technique that relies on slow speed Shuter and harnessing the beam “headlights of the car is running or with a flashlight that’s our own motion to form a word or form that we want it.

Because the Shuter Speed mengandal slow then we also have to use a tripod or other bases such as tables. Because we will not be able to hold the camera in one’s hand without the slightest shake for a few seconds.
We just started step “is as follows:

What we need is ready for the camera, Tripod, if in need can also use the remote control. Then a flashlight or a place that many vehicles pass by.
Setting up the camera as follows

## Shutter Speed should be low at its 5 seconds or longer due to get a movement of light “that we should use a low shutter speed.

## For ISO also should be as low as possible so that the image in the capture and use of a tripod own smooth so that the image does not shake

## Small diaphragm so that the incoming light becomes less and sharpen the image in addition to the lights “moving the

It is the setting I used to take the photo below. Possible for the state and other conditions that require different settings so do not hesitate to carry out experiments to produce the best results. May be useful.

Fireplace Design Ideas

Are you trying to find some information about the inspiration design ideas fireplace There are some basic elements to any fireplace that is generally addressed in turn in order to come up with fireplace design complete. There are three main components to any fireplace design.

Three main components to the design of the fireplace, including hearth furnace and the type of opening that is used between the furnace and the room where the fireplace is located. The fireplace is the area outside of the furnace in general. The furnace is the area where the fire itself would be burned.

Klick here: fireplace mantel ideas

tungku perapian


Let’s first talk about the furnace. A fireplace may be flush with the floor raised above the floor or sink to the bottom is lower than the floor. In addition there may not be a fireplace to talk at all. In this case, the furnace must be at least two inches above the floor as the fireplace is what helps to protect the floor from the heat of the fire.

Another type of chair fireplace hearth may include various kinds. Type the most traditional and popular fireplace with hearth chairs is the type that displays only two blocks on either side of the opening of the furnace.


As to the type of fireplace various kinds of fireboxes generally have mainly concerned with the height relative to the floor and / or fireplace. There fireboxes raised fireboxes same high flush with the floor and there were falls fireboxes were slightly lower than a fireplace and / or the floor in front of the fireplace.

Of course, the most widely used type of fireplace opening is a rectangular opening. Generally rectangular opening of it rectangular. But even with rectangular openings typically flare outward side of the furnace towards the face of the fireplace.

There is a flat opening on the arch where the tope opening straight but curved slightly to form. As with traditional rectangular opening side typically flare outward toward the face of the furnace hearth.

There is a full arch fireplace openings where the opening does not contain straight lines. Type of fireplace openings have a continuous curve throughout the opening of the fireplace. This is the kind of establishment you’re probably used to seeing in the southwestern style fireplace.

There is also a corner fireplace openings that allow for it to be open to the two sides of the fireplace. As the name suggests fireplace opening angle is such that the entire furnace corners exposed.

There is a U-shaped fireplace openings where the furnace exposed on three sides of the front and side of the two regions. Both of the latter type of fireplace openings will generally result in better heat radiation. If you will be using your fireplace to heat your home and not just as decoration is certainly worth looking into. For images of style fireplace various behold

How the heck do I care after nose surgery

The center of our face is the nose, the nose here, where each of us meet people who very first gives the impression. We face look more balanced thanks to a beautiful nose. Therefore, many people are interested in nose surgery, and in fact do so. Before rhinoplasty are strongly advised to consult before performing the operation, nicki minaj before plastic surgery

What to consider when performing nose surgery?

The operation is over buakn stop there, you must follow the guidance of a doctor and keep the operated. Preoperative treatment is very important, very important after the new operation.

3. What should be taken care of, let’s find out together with Wonjin.

First, During the recovery process has been able to eat as usual Just try to avoid foods that are too spicy, salty, and oily because it can slow the recovery process.

Second, after the operation for a month is expected to not smoke and do not drink alcohol. As well advised to exercise the first light and not too heavy.

Third, Wash your face and make-up can be done the day after the release of the thread. Can go to the sauna one month later. Bathing can be done during the same day.

Fourth, after surgery you know for sure going to swell right? When sleep is good to maintain the position of the head 15 degrees so the swelling can be quickly dropped. You can use two layers of pillows for sleeping.

Fifth, after surgery 2-3 days can use a cold compress on the forehead, eyes, cheeks, and surrounding areas. The swelling around 1-2 weeks can go down.

Sixth, do not blow their noses too fast for silicon in the nose can be moved, and do not sleep on his stomach as well. Because it can disrupt the inside of the nose.

5. After surgery make sure you follow the instructions of the hospital. If you follow these instructions then bengkakpun will quickly go down and will quickly recover. If there is you want to ask, then it can directly ask to the hospital.

Tips for Choosing Camera For Travelling

Your activity during the holidays is certainly not only be on dry land, but both could be that you will dive or exposed to rain. While in nature while exploring nature else you come in contact with moisture.

Tips for Choosing Camera For Travelling


Bring a waterproof camera. Not all cameras are friendly to weather conditions, therefore choose a camera that is guaranteed water resistance.

2. Angle Lens Larger

For the camera enthusiast especially professional photographers must have known whenaction camera has a lens angle of about 120 degrees to 170 degrees, thus giving view that larger and more stable.

Consider having a camera action that is designed specifically to be able to capture all the movements. This type of camera can capture a wider image. Thus, the range of the lens to all of the objects in front of him can be wider than the various angles.

How to look beautiful naturally without plastic surgery

Lack of confidence in personal appearance is not just a problem that just happens to you alone. but for a woman who has a beautiful face once did sometimes have a deficiency in their body shape. Well then why, before you decide to perform plastic surgery on body shape or face your face, it does not hurt to try natural makeup tips like this


Listen well how to look beautiful naturally below

How to look beautiful naturally

  • Chest
What if you have chest shape with small size, catwoman plastic surgery then you can try the tips make up the following. , First of all apply a shimmery bronzer on the part of your cleavage. then vertically. Shading This type of technique can create the illusion that makes the shape of your breasts appear larger.
  • Lip
To make your lips look fuller. not necessarily always perform operations that spend substantial funds. you only need to use an eyebrow pencil just to make your lips look dent Then fill your lips stand out by adding lip gloss. it to add sexy and exotic impression on your lips
  • Eye
When it was late at night, but you still only have to perform a routine like hangout with friends. then tactician your eyes, in a way that looks so great, wearing blue eyeliner. because it can neutralize the blue color that contrasts your eyes began to redden. By doing this technique also, it will make your eyes seem to look more radiant and vibrant.
  • Nose
Want to have a nose that looks sleek and sharp? do tips makeup artist below. First of all wear powder which had twice the color darker than the type of skin color you have. then rub on the nose line half inch on each side of your nose. then use the highlighter in the middle of your nose. blend using your fingers. And as a result, your nose will look more slender and sharp. Fantastic is not it 😀?
  • Eyelashes
Cast in the eye you will look more beautiful and seductive if you do tips natural makeup like the following. First of all, when you use mascara. The mascara handles rotate by 45 degrees. The position that you made earlier can make you easier access to small densely lashes at the corners of the eyes, and also on the lower lashes.

Well ladies, is not the way the natural look without plastic surgery above. hopefully natural makeup tips above, can add to your sense of confidence when performing routine all day out there. So, if there is a way to look beautiful naturally without having plastic surgery. why should a waste of costs, ladies ?? !!

Good luck how to look beautiful naturally over well. Good luck😀

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Tips And Guide to Choosing a DSLR Camera For Beginners 2

Guidance on choosing a DSLR camera the second is set in a brand camera, do not keep changing the brand of the camera. Why is that? Because the DSLR camera lens that you will use to take pictures can not use other brands of lenses, for example, you buy a DSLR camera, the Canon brand lens that can be used on the camera lens is the Canon brand as well and can not use other brand lenses. So if you already buy and establish a brand DSLR camera then you do not change as much as possible on other brands because it will be a pity if the lens that you have purchased can not be reused.

DSLR Camera For Beginners

Choosing and buying a DSLR camera should also pay attention to the ease of finding service center company provided the cameras are widely available service center near where you live or you would have trouble finding his service center. If trouble then it is better that you undo your intention to buy the brand and look for another brand that makes it easy for you to find a service center near you.

Next guide in buying and choosing a DSLR camera that is noticed and know the resolution of the camera you are purchasing, DSLR cameras have a resolution of at least 12 megapixels and the higher the resolution, the better it the image quality, and the greater the resolution of your camera, the greater the image size you get.
You also need to consider the ISO before choosing a DSLR camera , ISO is the camera’s sensitivity to light levels, the higher the ISO the better of her in taking pictures in dark conditions. At least ISO on DSLR cameras are at 6400 levels.

Guides and tips on choosing a DSLR camera which then is whether the camera function to take a video or not. Make sure the resolution when taking a video, it uses a DSLR camera for video capture will produce video with excellent image quality but certainly the video memory is also very large, so that when your purpose is to take the video do not forget to always carry a spare memory.

Tips on buying a DSLR camera next is select digital SLR camera that fits your budget. This is important, do not push yourself if the money you have is not enough, hang on and wait until your money is enough to buy a DSLR camera better, with better quality anyway than you are forced to buy at a price that is a little more cheap but the quality is still not good enough.

That was a few tips and guidelines for choosing a DSLR camera for you beginners. Hope it can help you get a camera in accordance with your wishes.

Various Forms of Bunk

The bedroom is the room that is very important, because in it we do a variety of activities and places to sleep. Therefore, the bedroom should be specially designed and ikea leirvik bed frame review attractive that anyone who lives in it will feel comfortable.

Design-a-bed-level stacking


The main focus of course the bedroom is the bed itself. In the bedroom interior design , there are many options to choose the type and shape of the bed. Starting from a conventional bed with wooden bed until the modern with the set spring bed. Of the various forms of the beds, one of which is a bunk bed or bunk beds . The bed level can be useful to save space, because the bed models that take advantage of vertical space. Model level bed is usually used on the child’s bedroom , although it is possible to use the room teenagers and adults. How do I choose the right bunk bed? The following tips.


If you want to choose the types of bunk beds for the bedroom, you must first determine what theme will be carried to your level bedroom. You can choose a modern theme, classic theme, the theme of the beach house, the theme of traditional houses, houses of wood theme, or other themes. Especially for a child’s room, you can choose a theme animation or other unique themes that you can apply for a child’s bedroom.


Choose bed rate ” matching ” with the design of an existing room space, both in terms of color, theme or color. The bed level of the classical model with the brown wood could be an option that is quite adaptable . For modifications you can play variations on the ladder of the bed, or make some drawer or storage space at the bottom, side or even on the stairs.



Color selection bunk beds that are tailored to the theme of the room that you have specified. You need to see some reference reference bunk beds. Colors should be chosen in bunk beds that are adapted to the color of the walls. If you have bright colors for the walls then select a dark color for the bed. You can also choose the same color for both, but use of the collaboration of two colors, so as to make the room look more alive.



The layout is right for the bed is proportional to the amount of the existing furniture in the room room. You also need to adjust the size of the bedroom you have. For these types of rooms are cramped, place the bed in the corner, and to the spacious rooms you can put the bed in the middle of the room or to suit your tastes.



Those are some tips that you can use to do the interior design of a bedroom with a bunk bed models or bunk beds. Please consider the theme, function, and no less important, according to the budget . Hopefully this article can be useful, good work and design.

Tips for Choosing And Motif Ceramic Floor Model Home

The part of the house which is closely related to creating existence of beauty in a house, while the election of a floor to the house can be differentiated according to where the floor will be located either on the front porch, kitchen, living room, bathroom and in-car garage, on this occasion we will give you some tips on choosing a tile floor not only of motifs and styles, but how to choose ceramic flooring that has a good quality that last longer.

kerkeramik kitchen floor

The function of the floor tile itself is front porch railing ideas supporting the activities of our homes and can strengthen the character of the room itself, so that we can customize the theme or concept that we apply to the room, in choosing ceramic flooring for a home  there are a few points to note so that can give a plus in creating the beauty of a room are as follows.

Tips for Choosing Model And Motif Ceramic floor house True

 1. Choose The right color

In choosing the color of the floor tiles, should know about the theme of what we will apply in our homes, to the selection of tile floors with narrow size as well as minimalist, you should avoid the selection of ceramic colors that have a dark color so it will give the impression of narrow and supek in the room.


2. Ceramics SIze

Adjust did the size of the ceramic by the area you are, if we have a room that is wide enough you should wear a size large ceramic, and vice versa if you have a small size it is highly recommended you use the size that is too small, the size of a ceramic quite an important role in creating image area in your home that will provide comfort when you are in the room.

3. Ceramic Motive 

At this time a lot of motives ceramics available on the market, it certainly can benefit you in choosing the right motif tiled flooring for your home, the motif also sync with the theme of your room so happens balance capable of emitting the beauty of the house.

4. Surface ceramics

Choose the appropriate type of ceramic tile where it will be in place, let’s say for the selection of tiles for the bathroom, you can choose a tile floor with a slightly rough surface that is not easily slip and usually choose the main room for ceramic tile floor with a smooth surface.

5. Choose Ceramic Materials

And the last is to choose a ceramic material can be durable so it does not easily break when stepped on later.

That was a few tips that you can make a guide in selecting the model and floor tiles right so harmonious and beautiful when installed later, then how do we know that the floor tiles have good quality.

Tips on choosing a Good Quality Ceramic Floor

In choosing tile floor that has good quality, is actually quite simple way is as follows.

1.pick up Ceramics

The first is by lifting the tile, ceramic floor if you brought up having a fairly light weight, it could be classified as poor quality of the ceramics because it can be sure that the fiber has a porous so it can be easily broken.

2.Rub Ceramics

Another simple way is by rubbing the surface of the ceramic lantaoi, if after you wiped the floor tiles leaving a trace of your finger then make sure the quality of the ceramics in bad, because the ceramic nice not leave traces when rubbed.

3.Test Anti Scratch

Furthermore, to determine the quality of a good ceramic floor or not is by scraping the floor if there are scratches, the quality of these ceramics is bad.