Kaspersky Anti Virus Free For Windows

Kaspersky Anti Virus Free  – Kaspersky is a leading program in the antivirus software industry that continually scores high on independent tests for protection and performance, proving it is excellent at detecting and blocking legitimate internet threats.

Kaspersky Anti Virus Free For Windows

Kaspersky recently released its 2017 version of virus protection software compatible with Windows 10. However, the independent laboratory AV-Test has only conducted tests using its 2016 version. Kaspersky performed so well in those tests and includes so many extra security features that it easily made our list of the best antivirus software and earned our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Test Results

Kaspersky received perfect scores for protection and usability. This means it correctly identified both existing and newly emerging malware threats and blocked them effectively while still allowing good data to pass through. It did dip a little for performance but still remained higher than average: While Kaspersky Anti-Virus may slow down your computer slightly, it may not be enough for you to really tell a difference.

Detection & Removal Tools

Although it is the entry-level Kaspersky security product, Kaspersky Anti-Virus has more features than some others in its product category. In addition to excellent virus protection, Kaspersky includes antiphishing. It scans emails and instant messages to ensure nothing is tacked on that may infect your computer.

It also automatically scans USB drives for another layer of computer protection. It also has the nifty gaming mode, which ensures the software doesn’t interrupt or slow down your games or videos.

Even if your computer is already infected with a virus, Kaspersky isolates the threat and destroys it. It then automatically recovers your system from any damage it may have received during the threat. A rescue CD is available in the event your computer is so badly infected that it needs to be reset with some assistance.

Kaspersky Antivirus for Windows 8

AV-Test recently released its results for the tests of Windows 8 antivirus software that it conducted in May and June 2016. Kaspersky beat out the competition to become the top-performing computer protection program for Windows 8. It received perfect scores in all three test areas: protection, performance and usability. It is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner for Windows 8 virus protection software.

Kaspersky does its protection work without slowing the PCs it runs on. Moreover, it accurately distinguishes between safe and malicious files. While it is entry-level security software, it has more features than some competing products. For example, some competitors do not warn about phishing sites and can not automatically detect threats in removable storage media like USB drives. Kaspersky does.

Kaspersky provides real-time protection against malware and secures your online financial transactions. When any PC in the Kaspersky user network bumps into a never-seen-before threat, data about it goes to Kaspersky Lab. The lab then places a threat signature into a cloud database of what’s safe and what’s dangerous.

Kaspersky Antivirus for Windows 7

Kaspersky beat out the competition to become the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner for Windows 7 antivirus protection. In independent tests by AV-Test in February 2016, Kaspersky received a perfect score in protection, performance and usability. Kaspersky scored much higher in each of these areas than the standard Microsoft Security Essentials that comes installed with Windows 7 operating systems, meaning Kaspersky Anti-Virus will protect any gaps in your security that may be there.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is easy to use, excellent at malware protection and capable of disinfecting PCs that are already infected. It is optimized to take its antivirus information from the cloud, which means it recognizes threats quicker. This also helps keep your virus protection up to date so you are protected from emerging threats. It does this without consuming extensive system resources, so you won’t see a decrease in your computer’s performance while it is running.

Kaspersky Antivirus for Windows Vista & XP

Kaspersky has consistently offered some of the best antivirus protection. Its protection and usability scores, which determine how well it recognizes legitimate malware threats and blocks them, have always been well over the industry standard. Though AV-Test hasn’t evaluated antivirus software on older versions of Windows for several years, Kaspersky has always ranked high as a reliable product for computer protection. Though the newest version has not been tested on these earlier versions of Windows, Kaspersky remains a top solution for Windows Vista antivirus and Windows XP antivirus software.

Help & Support

Kaspersky has some of the best support in the industry. All forms of support– email, telephone and live chat– are available 24/7. This is very helpful, since software issues don’t always happen during business hours. Additionally, Kaspersky has forums, how-to videos and FAQs specific to each version of its computer security software and the problems you may experience.

AVG AntiVirus Free Review 2017

AVG AntiVirus Free quickly, accurately finds and fights all kinds of computer infections. It has nearly perfect malware-detection scores, and it extracts only a moderate performance penalty during scans. With dozens of ways to customize it, AVG AntiVirus Free is for security-minded cheapskates who want to tune and adjust the program’s protection and performance. But be ready for a slew of ads, pop-ups and reminders that nag you to upgrade to various premium services.

AVG AntiVirus Free Review 2017

Antivirus Protection
Both AVG AntiVirus Free’s active scanner and Resident Shield real-time scanner, which always runs in the background, match suspect software against a constantly updated database of malware signatures. Should anything slip through, it can be caught by AVG’s behavioral analysis.
AVG AntiVirus Free uploads suspect items to the company’s servers for analysis, but the reports may include information about your computer. You can opt out in the program’s Privacy Preferences section.
The program lets you perform a Whole Computer Scan, which other brands refer to as a Full Scan, but AVG lacks a Quick Scan option. However, you can direct the scanner to look only at certain files, directories or drives; it can also be set to examine only file types that could be malicious. There’s an easy-to-use scan scheduler.

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AVG AntiVirus inspects email attachments and websites you connect to for malicious activity, but can’t scan an online file-storage system. If you switch on the program’s Game mode, you won’t be interrupted by warnings or scans.
Antivirus Performance
AVG’s malware-detection engine was on a par with Avira and Bitdefender. According to German independent testing lab AV-TEST, AVG found 100 percent of zero-day, previously unseen, malware, and 99.9 percent of widespread, known malware, on Windows 10 in both September and October of 2015.

That excellent detection rate dropped a little on Windows 8.1. AVG’s malware engine found 98.8 and 100 percent of zero-day malware, and 99.9 and 99.7 percent of widespread malware, in AV-TEST’s November and December 2015 evaluations, respectively. AVG had one false positive, in which a benign file was erroneously flagged as malware. These scores were on a par with Panda’s, but a notch below those of Avira and Bitdefender.

On AV-TEST’s most recent Windows 7 evaluations, AVG was 100 percent effective against zero-day malware in January 2016, and 98.1 percent in February. Its widespread-malware detection rates were more consistent– 99.8 percent in the first month, 99.9 percent in the second. That’s about equal to Avira, and a bit below Panda and Bitdefender, the sole perfect scorer in that round.

Security and Privacy Features
The program’s Identity Protection monitors software behavior for theft of personal data. AVG’s Email Scanner keeps an eye on attachments, but AntiVirus Free lacks AVG’s Anti-Spam filter.

SmadAV antivirus 2017 Review

What’s the name of the infection? Can’t say, but I do know it affected several folders. These folders had important work situated inside, so imagine the fury when we found out the folders were unusable.

The first order of the day was to try and fix the issue with our free anti-virus programs, and guess what? None of them managed to get the job done. This was when our teacher introduced us to SmadAV, and right out of the block, this little thing began to work wonders.

Not only is it good at trapping and killing some weird malware, but it is also useful for scanning USB thumb drives. In fact, this might be considered as one of SmadAV’s main strong points. It can be used for offline scans.


How to use SmadAV:

First you need to visit the official website to download SmadAV. Now, the language on the website is Indonesian but worry not, the download link is on the right sidebar so you can’t miss it.

Once downloaded and installed, you should come up with something that looks like the image above.

The user interface is definitely not the best, and although it has seen some changes over the years, it is still not up to par with the best free antivirus software, but it works, and that’s good enough for me.

On the left-side, users should see 5 options. From here folks can get to where they need to scan the whole system, to disable or enable the real-time protection among other things.

The Pro tab shows the difference between the Pro version of SmadAV and the free version. Look carefully and you’ll notice the inability to maximize or resize the window. This can only be done if you purchase the Pro version of the software.

Scanning speed:

SmadAV is not a core anti-virus software, so it shouldn’t take long for it to blaze through your files. For us, it ran through over 300,000 files pretty quickly, but may be a little slower on older computers.

We also like the fact that not only does Smadav scan for virus and malware, but it checks for bad or corrupt registry files. Yes, this thing will clean your registry in similar ways to CCleaner or UPCleaner, pretty awesome, right? We should also state that since this is the free version, users are required to manually check for update. We wouldn’t recommend the Pro version unless you’re too lazy to update the virus chest manually.

Overall, Smadav is good enough for what it can do. Bear in mind that it should never be used as a core anti-virus software, but something that can work alongside any antivirus software. Good to have as a second opinion anti-malware scanner!

Avast Best Free Antivirus

Antivirus does not have to set you back the Earth: we have five free alternatives to paid-for antivirus in our brand-new guide.

Even if you consider yourself to be an accountable internet individual, you must be utilizing safety software. Thanks to the spreading of infected advertising iframes, opportunistic malware-laden spam and also drive-by downloads that could affect also one of the most reputable, upstanding and preferred of websites, no one is totally secure.

Nonetheless, expensive anti-virus suites aren’t your only choice if you wish to remain safeguarded. While these paid-for bundles usually consist of a wealth of beneficial extra functions, the core defense– real-time and on-demand virus barring and also scanning– is offered by their cost-free equivalents also.

Windows 10 has Windows Defender anti-virus currently installed, as well as we’ve included it in our team test as a point of comparison for all the various other software on evaluation. While paid-for anti-virus software program is past the scope of this team test, we hope to offer you with the information you’ll should make a notified analysis on whether or not a pre-installed business package, such as those often packed with laptops, will be more or less effective than its totally free rivals.
Detection engines The vital part of any anti-virus software is its detection engine, which utilizes a combination of a data source of recognized dangers and analysis of an unidentified program’s behaviour, called “heuristic evaluation”. avast antivirus 2017 download

Detection engines are at the core of a lot of anti-virus business’ business, as well as you’ll normally locate that a firm’s cost-free items use the very same engines as their paid-for products, although the latter could be outfitted with additional features, such as firewall programs as well as system optimization tools that improves performance additionally.

Some firms certify their engines to others. For instance, in this team test, Qihoo 360 Overall Security could additionally utilize both Bitdefender and Avira’s scanning engines along with its own. Numerous scanning engines, whether accredited or produced internal, usually increase the likelihood that an anti-virus product will efficiently get anything unpleasant aiming to strike your system. However, it’s additionally highly likely to decrease your COMPUTER due to the sheer number of engines running at when.

Likewise, while many software application defaults to an optimized check setting that checks the files probably to have actually been jeopardized, running a more comprehensive scan will take longer yet may discover infected files that would certainly have otherwise gone unnoticed. Running a deep scan on a semi-regular basis would certainly be reasonable.
Testing & efficiency In this group examination, we’ve counted on outcomes generated by the highly regarded AV-TEST safety lab to evaluate the efficiency of each anti-virus program in properly identifying malicious documents as well as web sites and avoid false favorable detections of benign software as malicious. AV-TEST likewise examined the impact of anti-virus software application on system performance.

We have actually used test data on a per-engine basis, instead of an identical item basis. So, for example, we’ve utilized results from AVG Net Safety 2016 to help reason concerning the AVG Free 2016– which makes use of the exact same engine– as well as made use of various other examination sources to validate relative efficiency. We have actually for that reason had to make presumptions that the complimentary as well as paid-for versions use the same engines, however given most paid-for software application just includes extra attributes instead of an entire brand-new engine, this is a reasonably risk-free presumption to earn. source : SHAREit 2017 download

Better Than Text Messages & Free – WhatsApp For Android Reviewed

A minute of introspection, please: Just what do you do more frequently– call individuals using your phone, or message them? I would wager it’s the latter. For many individuals, texting is easier than calling. It’s distinct, so you can do it on the bus (unless you happen to be the vehicle driver); it’s asynchronous, so the various other individual does not need to be quickly offered; it’s reliable, because it’s very easy to skip the talk as well as get to the point. As well as among the best methods to message is making use of a true standard, WhatsApp for Android (additionally available for apple iphone, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows Phone.

So, allow’s consider exactly what makes the Android WhatsApp application so good.

WhatsApp’s Solitary Greatest Attribute

This here is my own APK WhatsApp 2017 call checklist, full of genuine people whose names have been obscured bent on safeguard the innocent. Did I fastidiously add all those people there? Nope; in fact, I really did not also have to connect WhatsApp with any one of my “social” accounts (something I strongly disapproval). I simply had to install it on my phone. As quickly as I did, WhatsApp immediately developed an individual for me, connected to my phone account. It then browsed its online data source for customers whose numbers are stored in my calls– meaning, it took my phone’s personal digital assistant, and also found all the WhatsApp individuals in it.

Some individuals would certainly call this an invasion of personal privacy; to me, it’s the solitary biggest feature WhatsApp has. It indicates uncomplicated call listings: You simply set up the app, and all of your close friends and coworkers that additionally utilize WhatsApp are already there. And WhatsApp isn’t spammy, so it doesn’t urge you send out invites to close friends that don’t use WhatsApp. You just see that’s there, and also you could conveniently talk to them. Souce : APK Pokemon Go 2017

Printer HP OfficeJet H470

Printer HP OfficeJet H470 – The HP OfficeJet H470 collection are a line of portable inkjet printers including the H470b base design and the H470wbt that includes cordless assistance as well as expanded media handling. Among the little course of mobile systems, the equipment can print several of the quickest rates of up to 18 web pages per min for color projects and 22 web pages each minute for grayscale. Aside from its speeds and also inexpensive HP H470 printer ink, the gadget experiences a variety of aspects that may have buyers looking for various other versions.

Printer HP OfficeJet H470
HP OfficeJet H470

The device is designed with transport in mind, with a portable size of 13x6x3 inches as well as trays that could fold up neatly into the body. Despite its little size, the system still includes standard connection like a PictBridge and USB port, along with slots for flash memory like SD and miniSD that support straight image printing. The tool even comes with a rechargeable battery that can last long sufficient to publish an optimum of 480 printed web pages.

Regrettably, testimonials reveal more negatives compared to positives, including general poor outcome top quality. Text papers print well listed below the standard for inkjet units, with blurry characters despite a resolution of 1200×1200 dpi making use of black OfficeJet H470 printer ink. Tests on images disclosed they lack vivid shade detail regardless of the addition of Real Life Technologies that is meant to produce even more exact image reproductions. The device is likewise critiqued for its 50-sheet input tray that commonly creates paper to jam.

The printer makes use of one black and also one tricolor HP H470 ink cartridge that are economical to buy with the choice of suitable replacements. The tricolor supply can produce roughly 560 web pages and the black OfficeJet H470 ink has a maximum return of 480 pages.

The H470 isn’t all poor, with its quick speeds, cost-efficient HP H470 ink cartridges as well as transportability. However, its frustrating result as well as proclivity for obstructing are bargain breakers when other mobile printers could give better-quality images and also text files.

Printer HP OfficeJet 6600

Printer HP OfficeJet 6600 – the HP OfficeJet 6600 is economical, reliable, and also stacked with multiple features sure to increase the rate of production while using up little space. The frame of the device gauges around 18x18x10 inches and weighs just about 18 extra pounds, so it will certainly fit on a basic wokdesk or table and be easy for someone to set up. Though it could do not have a few of the features located in much more expensive office inkjet printers, the 6600 is a wonderful worth overall.

 HP OfficeJet 6600
Printer HP OfficeJet 6600

This device offers wireless connection in addition to a common USB port; nevertheless it does not have an ethernet user interface or a front port for flash drives as well as PictBridge connection. To share the 6600 amongst multiple people will call for the office to have Wi-Fi. One more alternative is to print with the cloud, as the 6600 is compatible with ePrint and also Airprint, which additionally enable individuals to print from mobile devices.

Standard as well as high-capacity HP 6600 ink cartridges are readily available, giving individuals the alternative to spend even more up front for greater generating printer ink. The standard yellow, cyan, and magenta materials can render approximately 330 web pages while the black supply returns about 400 pages. The high-capacity shade OfficeJet 6600 ink cartridges can generate up to 825 prints and the black choice yields as several as 1,000 pages, lessening the overall expense per page.

Suitable with most major os, consisting of Windows, Mac, and also Linux, the 6600 will suit most workplace settings. It is recommended to publish less than 1,000 web pages per month to ensure the long life of the equipment. The single input tray holds concerning 250 sheets and also there is an automated file feeder to scan as well as copy multi-page records. There is a 2.5-inch touchscreen LCD for basic navigating with the menu choices as well as to show notifies when the OfficeJet 6600 ink or paper supply is running low.

Wireless capabilities as well as an instinctive control board make the 6600 easy to use, however its absence of duplexer and also restricted capability could be a deterrent for some purchasers. The expense each page is lessened by the high-capacity HP 6600 printer ink and the impressive speed makes this inkjet all-in-one equipment a good value.

Source : HP OfficeJet 6600

Document Sharing Comes to WhatsApp

Should share a paper rapidly? There are numerous applications for that, from Dropbox to OneDrive. And also certainly there’s e-mail, AirPlay, and even the good old USB thumb drive. Currently, WhatsApp is joining the document sharing fray.

Some individuals of the 7-year-old, Facebook-owned messaging solution are reporting the appearance of a document-sharing attribute when they update to the most recent variation of the app. TechCrunch has a walkthrough of how it services iOS; it’s additionally readily available on Android, yet not Windows Phone.

Just PDFs are presently supported, yet as Adobe Reader’s syndicate on PDF development collapses, PDFs cover practically any type of paper you would certainly wish to send out, from boarding passes to exported Google docs.

WhatsApp passed the one billion user mark since Feb. 1. It’s additionally undertaken some fairly considerable shifts to its product and business version in recent weeks, as it looks for to capture even more of the mobile messaging market. Maybe the largest change is the fact that users no more have to pay a $1 annual charge, which was abolished in January.

It faces some competitors from Google, which just recently released an effort to improve typical text messaging, and also Yahoo, which is boosting its Carrier solution. It’s also been roped in to the current encryption dispute, with a Facebook executive jailed in Brazil for choosing not to adhere to a judge’s demand to hand over encrypted WhatsApp messages in a drug-trafficking investigation.

Still, download whatsapp 2017 is positive in its future development. So confident, actually, that it can pay for to finish assistance for tradition gadgets by the end of 2016, including all BlackBerry phones.

Canon PIXMA G2000 Review

Canon PIXMA G2000 Review

Canon PIXMA G2000

Canon PIXMA G2000 Review – With high web page return ink shut in to 7000 web pages, customers can delight in printing without needing to stress over cost of ink, or ink products running low. Built-in incorporated ink storage tanks develop a portable printer body. Users could likewise view staying ink degrees quickly at a glimpse. Borderless images can be printed approximately A4 dimension, as well as Canon’s Crossbreed ink system is similarly adept at generating crisp black text documents and spectacular images.

Specs go through alter without notice.

PIXMA G2000 Drivers Ink droplets can be put with a pitch of 1/4800 inch at minimum.

  1. Document print speeds are the averages of ESAT in Workplace Classification Examination for the default simplex setting, ISO/ IEC 24734.

Image print rate is based upon the default setup utilizing ISO/ JIS-SCID N2 on Picture Paper And also Glossy II and does not take into account information processing time on host computer system.

Publish speed may vary depending upon heating system arrangement, user interface, software program, record complexity, print setting, page protection, kind of paper made use of etc.

  1. Paper kinds NOT supported for indeterminate printing are as complies with: Envelope, High Resolution Paper, T-Shirt Transfer, Picture Stickers
  2. TWAIN driver (ScanGear) is based upon the TWAIN spec V1.9 and calls for the Data Resource Supervisor features the os.
  3. Optical resolution is a procedure of optimum hardware sampling resolution, based on ISO 14473 standard.
  4. Increasing the scanning resolution will limit the optimum feasible scanning location.
  5. The fastest speed in Hi-Speed USB on Windows PC. Transfer time to computer is not included.
  6. Shade document check rate is determined with ISO/ IEC 29183 Target A.

Check rate shows the time measured in between pushing the check switch of the scanner motorist as well as the on-screen status display screen switches off. Check rate could differ depending on heating system setup, user interface, software program, check setting settings as well as record dimension etc.

  1. Duplicate rates are the average of sFCOT as well as sESAT, ISO/ IEC 29183. Copy speed might differ depending on document complexity, duplicate mode, page coverage, sort of paper used etc. and also does not consider heating up time.
  2. The performance of the printer may be decreased under certain temperature as well as moisture conditions.
  3. For the temperature level and humidity conditions of papers such as photo paper, describe the paper’s packaging or the provided instructions.
  4. When printing ISO/ JIS-SCID N2 on 4 x 6″ Image Paper Plus Shiny II using default setups.
  5. Copy: When duplicating ISO/ JIS-SCID N2 (published by inkjet printer) on A4 size ordinary paper utilizing default settings. Print: When publishing ISO/ JIS-SCID N2 (published by inkjet printer) on A4 dimension plain paper making use of default settings.

get drivers for G2000 here :


HP LaserJet 1600

HP LaserJet 1600 – The HP LaserJet 1600 is portable and also lightweight machine that sacrifices hardly any and still takes care of ahead in at an extremely cost effective rate. Include in that the low cost of compatible HP 1600 printer toner over the real OEM HP toner cartridges, and also you have a terrific worth for your house or little office.

HP LaserJet 1600
HP LaserJet 1600

Many aspects of the HP 1600 are quickly. Its print speed depends on 8 web pages each minute for both shade as well as monochrome prints, as well as the Instant-On modern technology gives a very first web page out speed of around 20 seconds for fast begin to publish tasks. For faster efficiency, the LaserJet 2550 printer toner printer ought to be considered. Obtaining the device up and running is additionally quick as well as instinctive, with a software application disc handling almost all of the setup procedure. Finally, changing printer toner is quickly, as LaserJet 1600 toner cartridges are easily accessed from the front panel, as well as toners are plainly marked to avoid complication.

Speaking of HP 1600 toner, it is really affordably-priced, and also HP 1600 toner cartridges have relatively large capacities for a small workplace printer, which results in a far better cost per web page compared to a lot of the competitors. The vast schedule of compatible LaserJet 1600 toner makes it simple to save much more.

The equipment determines just 16 inches by 18 inches by 15 inches, and it considers 40.6 extra pounds with each toner cartridge installed. It has a two-line LCD screen, frequently a rarity for budget equipments, which show essential details for the user, as well as permits navigation of its straightforward food selections. Paper ability is 250 sheets, which is larger than lots of spending plan makers as well.

For tight spaces, the HP 1600 is an excellent fit that still provides all the advantages of quick and top notch shade printing. Its affordable cost and large abilities make an outstanding value.