First Camera Buying Tips For Beginners

As a teacher and a person who “talkative” about photography, the most frequently asked question to me was: “I am a beginner in photography. There is a camera on what is the most good for me? “Or other questions that are often asked:” I want to try a hobby photograph, which was nice Canon or Nikon yah? “. Questions like almost always asked whenever I teach in the classroom or as a speaker at various workshops. Then how do I answer these questions?

tips for buying a first camera for beginners

By turning give the following questions 🙂 Well, I’ll give you back the questions that I ask to be answered properly. Because every answer will give you a good overview on them, the camera what is suitable for them. So here are emphasized for those who are beginners or first bought the camera is not looking for a camera that is most flattering or at best, but to look for is a camera that is most suitable for them. Here are tips to buy the first camera for beginners and intend to buy the first camera, please answer the questions below and find the camera best suited for you.

OK, prior to my first question will give you one important fact you need to understand at the beginning. Namely that the hobby of photography is very closely related to the technology. And together with other issues related to technology, then saying “no money no goods” and “you get what you pay for” is very appropriate. Undeniably, if you are looking for a camera or photographic equipment is best, then there is a budget that must be set up.

The more advanced the camera you want the greater will be the required budget. Therefore, if you are a beginner it is better that you are looking for is the most suitable camera and the camera is not the best or advanced. The initial capital and the most important for all photographers not on the sophistication of the camera but the trained eye, and you certainly own eyes. All you need to do is to train the eye with the help of the camera. Ok, let’s get into the first question …

1. What is your goal to buy a camera?

What is the main reason you buy a camera? I think at this stage there are two main reasons to buy a camera (three if you’re a student who took photography classes). First for documentation purposes (usually for family photos, events with friends, office events, etc.) and secondly because you are interested to undergo a hobby of photography. If you are a student participant subjects of photography could be a third reason is to ease you through the class (tasks, etc.).

If the main reason you are for documentation purposes or college, then my advice is buy camera kit. Namely cameras sold in a package of the camera body and lens kitnya (usually 18-55mm lens).

Then, if the budget allows the next step is to buy a telephoto lens (as it usually does not include a camera package kit telephoto lens therein) such as 70-300mm. At this stage you already have one camera body with 18-55mm lens (for indoor shooting and wide) and a 70-300mm lens (for outdoor shooting and photograph distant objects). For documentation purposes then what you have now is enough.

If you do not like mutually lens, then you can sell the 18-55mm kit lens and use the money to add the lens of the budget to buy a lens with a focal length that covers wide to telephoto (commonly called lens “broom universe”) as the lens 18-200mm. Or the other option, when buying a camera you just bought the camera body only, then membli 18-200mm lens separately. The following starter kit for documentation purposes or photography class:

10 Tips on How to Buy Room Set For No One Part 2

6. Determine the room elements set.

  • What are the pieces that you need in your bedroom? Define these elements before you buy. Complete list of bedroom furniture like beds, bedside tables, dressers, and others.In doing this, do not forget to come back to option number 1 in view of the size of your bedroom. Be sure not too much furniture, buy the required course.

    Room Set Teak

7. Choose a theme and colors.

  • Rooms are set in different color options and platform bedroom set ideas designs. Assess yourself on what you want for the room sets in terms of color. Choose your colors properly so that it will look good in your bedroom. Room with dark colors will look right in the bedroom which has a bright wall, while light colors set would be perfect for a dark bedroom.


8. Quality.

  • The quality is always important. You can research on brand so that you will know whether it will last a long time or if it has a good quality. In addition to quality, you should also consider the convenience, especially when choosing a bed.

9. Check out the features.

  • Several sets of bedrooms have great features that distinguish it from other works.Choose the features that might fit in with your lifestyle which makes it perfect for you.

10. Try to mix and match.

  • You really do not need to buy furniture bedroom sets that have the same color and a similar style. You can also try to mix and match to get the look eclectic furniture. It can also give you more creative freedom in arranging the furniture and decor of your bedroom.

Buying the right room set will meet on your part because you will not only get the bedrooms are well designed, but you can also get something that is perfectly suited to your needs. Now, if you decide to buy a bedroom set, try to review the above points so that you can be guided. You can also read some tips Structuring Minimalist Living Room . If you have more ideas to add 10 Tips on How to Buy Room Set For No One , do not hesitate to let us know!

Tips for Choosing Furniture House Classic and Minimalist

Choosing a furniture for the home is actually things are usually done by everyone, especially for families who already have a home of course, but you should know if the furniture used is not appropriate then this will also greatly affect the type of home we have, let’s say for a minimalist home if used furniture is classic it will be less suitable to be regarded, as are also contrary to the classic type home it will be quite strange if used furniture is the classic type

Image result for tips memilih furniture rumah minimalis

This should be considered when sears patio furniture we buy a furniture, we must know the right kind of furniture such as what will we attach to our house so that the furniture will look more fit and pleasing to the eye, of course we have to have a lot of choices dong, it this could by visiting many furniture stores so we have a lot of views or options before we buy one of these furniture.

But before m \ approached the seller would be nice if previously we’ve observed a small scale in a room in the house that we will fill with furniture, some of which need to be considered include the color of the walls, spacious rooms, high ceilings, room accessories and stuff other concerning the chosen theme, such as the classic theme, or the Mediterranean, or minimalist, or traditional, Balinese, Javanese, contemporary and so forth.

1. Choosing the right Home Furniture Design

A large space can be filled with an assortment of furniture design and furniture design. In a large space, you can divide the areas into several different areas. A large space can provide many options for the arrangement of furniture design, furniture design. But do not forget, if too much empty space, there could be the impression of ‘cold’. A large space is not always require bulkhead closed, to keep the wide impression, we can do the insulation with an object that impressed open.

For a narrow space (the space of 3 x 3 meters is a fairly narrow space), use furniture designs that seem light and small. small furniture design can provide relief effect in the room. Small space can also seem large when the amount of furniture and furniture design wall a bit and there are objects large enough (could use a painting, photograph, color of the walls or glass)

2. Selection of colors Furniture

Furniture can match with the wall color. Ideally, the color of the furniture is a matching color to paint the walls. When the cream-colored walls of the room, try the color of the furniture ranges in color or monochrome beige matching. These colors are basic colors and can also be a pastel color or darker. You do not have to use the services of a designer to organize your space, as long as you feel comfortable with your own design results, but for maximum results do not hurt you to use the services of a designer.

3. Scene Selection Furniture

For the selection of the theme, matching the character yourself or your family. A theme reflects the owner’s personality and the arrangement was to be consistent. as an example; if you are a lover of art, of course, the classic design is suitable for you, where the theme is very easy matching combined with your art collection. Surely not funny when you have a minimalist sofa in a room with a classic style.


As well, when you’ve been thinking about one of your options relating to the election, let’s say if you have selected to use the furnishings of minimalist design, whether it’s for bedroom furniture minimalist or likely to be used in the kitchen minimalist design minimalist living room, everything should be selected carefully to be based on concepts such as what is desired. If you want your furniture or furniture minimalist concept consider the following tips when you are going to buy furniture:



Request Recommendations From the Expert

In addition to asking for recommendations from friends of the community of photographers, if based on information tips on choosing a DSLR camera for the beginner, you are encouraged to ask for a recommendation from the experts as well.The expert in question is a pro photographer who is very experienced and has a lot of great, with the talent and experience as it must have a good understanding of the type of DSLR cameras are most suitable for use by a beginner with a level of mastery and knowledge of photography is relatively minimal.

List of Advantages and Disadvantages of Nikon and Canon Cameras


Quality is primary, many photographers who often change DSLR cameras because they feel very dissatisfied with the quality of the camera, has been repeatedly take pictures but the pictures taken are not as well as expected and after investigation the problem lies in Megapixel camera. Each camera has a quality MP different, not much different with a cell phone camera, a DSLR camera is also equipped with diverse MP, the higher the MP then the result is clear and nice portrait.

Find Information From Cyberspace

When interesting information regarding DSLR cameras has not been enough to satisfy the desires of your curiosity, then you can look for more information and varies from the virtual world, a lot of really sites in the country and abroad to review with excellent and super Detailed information on DSLR cameras, ranging from functionality, price and select digital SLR cameras good tips for beginners and photographers who have been very professional. With the rapid technological developments such as this, any information you are looking for will be found very easily, so do not worry about not getting any information at all when you decide to open an online site.

Jump Into Camera Store

May seem in a hurry or even reckless, but this method can be very helpful, you know, especially if the camera store you visit is the store’s biggest camera with a variation of a DSLR camera very much, you can see the model of DSLR cameras are available in the storefront then asked the shop keeper.

Do not hesitate to buy a DSLR camera when you’ve read the whole about tips on choosing a DLSR camera for beginners accurate and reliable course of various great resources in this field.


Good product would have good packaging. In fact, sometimes people judge the quality of the product attractive packaging. Because packaging can increase the value of Pabrik kardus the product. Continue, packing as what can increase the selling value of products?

Packaging used by products is the packaging made of plastic and cardboard. Packaging of cardboard normally used for goods that are perishable. Products like what used packaging from cardboard, the following explanation.


The food producers strive to provide a good and attractive packaging. Because of the packaging of the food was a better value. With good packaging and attractive, can determine the buyer’s decision.

For example, a similar product, but the packaging is different. One of the less attractive food packaging and the other has attractive packaging. Sure people will be more likely to choose a product that has an attractive packaging even if it costs a little more expensive.

That excellence of food products with attractive packaging. Therefore, if you are a food entrepreneur, how good your food products packaged with a very attractive package. Although a little more expensive, but people will still preferring your food products.

For those of you who need cardboard packaging food at affordable prices, but has a good quality, do not hesitate to book with us. We will always strive to provide the best for its customers.


Nowadays, almost all products require packaging, good packaging made from plastic or packaging made of cardboard.Because the packaging adds value to the product.

Both types of packaging have their respective advantages. However, packaging is often used for heavy products is the packaging of cardboard. Packaging of cardboard is used for products such as shoes, snack box , cake boxes, shirt boxes, cardboard sheath, and so forth.

In addition to food packaging, we also provide a wide range of packaging made of cardboard. Therefore, for you who have a product and want to leave the packaging on the product you order the product you are far more interesting, you can contact us as a provider of cardboard packaging.

Cardboard packaging can we provide have many kinds. So you do not need to bother to look for product packaging. In addition, the products we sell also the price is very affordable and of good quality. How to order was fairly easy.

How to Choose the Best Second DSLR Camera For Beginners 2

Checking Button
Do not forget to check on all the buttons on the camera, what is still functioning normally or not?

Image result for tips memilih kamera dslr

Checking Body
Check on all the body of the camera, and recognize the marks of use, usually a sign consumption is often seen on the corner of the Body eg blisters, check the LCD, check the flash hotshoe or often also known external flash, check the strap / place camera strap what they functioning or is not feasible.

Check the screw nut body and look carefully if it has been opened or not, because from there you can easily know what the camera is already in the loading or have never been. Check on the LCD, what is already there is a scratch or not, pay attention to what the LCD there is a rift.

Check the instructions on the writing portion of the camera, what is still clearly visible or even a faded and barely visible. You are advised to choose a used DSLR cameras with the condition of at least 90% to 97%, and of course that still look good naked eye.

Warranty and completeness checking
Please check the camera’s what they’ve Ex Authorized Warranty or Authorized Warranty, if at this point depends on your taste but usually if there are still official warranty average camera still in good condition. Please check the completeness of the camera.

What box / cardboard is still there or not, there are still strap / camera strap or does not exist, and others. The keleengkapan usually affecting the selling price of the DSLR camera. We suggest you prefer the function and the physical camera from the completeness that is not too important, but if you have other options please just follow your Desire.

2. Check Function Camera

This is the most important tips that you must know before deciding to buy a DSLR camera used, if you are forced to choose between a body with functions we suggest you prefer to select important functions that exist in digital SLR cameras are of the emphasis on the Body, because here there are many people who usually fooled by a good body but forget to check carefully the important functions.

Check the function keys
Camera lens must already be installed prior to check, press and then check all the function buttons on the digital SLR camera, what all the buttons function properly or there may be a button that is already hard or even not working anymore.

Organizing Tips Design Beautiful Living Room

How tips on arranging living room design is gorgeous in your home? Having a neat and beautiful room is the dream of all people. But unfortunately there are any obstacles to create interior design that fits our personality. If you are one of them, try to follow the five tips below:

1. Adjust the position of the Right Sofa

In the living room decor, fireplace mantel ideas sofas into accessories big size. Therefore, the placement will affect most of the layout of other accessories. Tips from our sofa is put to the position facing the main door. It is up can be arranged at an angle and placed in any corner or parallel to the wall. If you are forced to put the position back to the door, then add a small table or shelf in the back of the sofa.

2. Create a center point of the room

Every room needs a place where you can stop the eye sight and rest awhile. Generally, the focal point in the living room can be a fireplace, artwork, and ornate lamps. But if you want other ideas, you can create it easily by way of exhibiting objects of your collection. Take your entire attention on the wall with a large painting or mirror display ornately beautiful. Another idea is that you can create a focal point on the sofa by adding a beautiful decorative pillows.

3. Add the Cool Carpet

To create a change in design is large enough, try to include carpets were pulling into the design of the room.Election could be done through the carpet function in the future and how the living space in your home will be used. If you want a room that looked open, select the carpet comfortable when foot. If you want to take advantage of the carpet structure as visual room partition, choose according to the motifs and colors. If you want the atmosphere of a cozy living room, choose a luxurious wool rug.

4. Create a Balanced Decorating

See the living room from top to bottom did not escape the attention of the eye. Consider adding a mirror, ceiling pendants, crafts, plants, up to a high-backed chair to. Including when you create a grouping of a decoration, the group also create other decorations in the other corner.

5. Enhance the Soft Feel

The atmosphere of the living room should look inviting. Create the perfect zoom through the addition of accessories. Our suggestion is a large-sized pillow, soft sofa, or ornaments from the skin. Create a lighting also feels luxurious with a selection of light capable of illuminating the entire design of the room .

Example Bedroom Design Lesehan The Beauty

In a dwelling, the bedroom is a room that must exist, this one personal area used as a resting place and also a place of relaxation, in giving a sense of comfortable, each person must have its own design concept in managing or decorating their bedroom, and one of them is the theme Lesbian, ie where the bed or mattress on the put on the top floor, well for those of you who are looking for reference information and examples of bedroom design sitting on the floor, on this occasion we will discussing it, for more details we simply refer to his review.

bedroom set lesehan

The bedroom is also very suitable if modern bedroom sets applied in a bedroom with a small size such as a boarding room in order to feel more spacious and airy so that the size of the GCC small but provide comfortable feel, and also because the distance between the mattress and the floor is very close so it does not make worry about falling when sleeping, bedroom lesehan also very synonymous with the country of Japan, because in those countries there are many people who use the bed on this one.

To arrange or decorate the bedroom Lesbian some may have to be done in order to see these rooms look more beautiful and also more comfortable, let alone for the selection of furniture your room should we adjust the size or height with our beds, it is intended to avoid the contrast excessive, then in terms of lighting you should not choose the light is too bright, while for air circulation, you should choose a window with a large size so that more air can enter, for more details, we see an example like below.

So had some design examples Lesbian bedrooms that can be given to you, hopefully maybe that’s all we can say and give hope to inspire you in arranging your bedroom more comfortable.

How to Choose DSLR Camera For Beginners Part 2

Brand is also important, especially for those who want to deepen their knowledge in the world of photography since its as good as we choose a brand until later and do not switch to other brands. Why is that? Because the digital SLR cameras are goods that can be said is expensive and also an investment that we have, a later date if it later in the day we switch brands for example from Canon to Nikon automatically we have to sell all its fittings such as lens, flash, and other accessories of course Canon lens is not can be used on Nikon body unless using adapters. And of course, this is a sizable loss.

buying a DSLR camera that has the nearest service center

DSLR Camera Features

1. Sensor

Sensors in DSLR cameras is divided into two, namely Full Frame and Crop or so-called APS-C. Full Frame his usual worn by professional photographers because of its wider range of sensor and its ordinary has exceptional sharpness. His usual for a camera that uses a full frame sensor has a more expensive price in comparison with a crop sensor. However a DSLR camera with a crop sensor was actually enough to be used as learning materials in the world of photography.


2. Speed or Speed Camera

For those who want to shoot moving objects such as birds in flight or a person who is exercising certainly requires a camera with a high speed. Average speed on DSLR cameras has been very nice exceed cameras other types such as Mirorless, but among DSLR cameras also have different speeds from one another and is now one of the cameras that has the best speed I know is the Canon EOS 7D Mark II.

3. ISO

ISO is a level-sensitive sensor to capture light, his usual every DSLR camera has a maximum limit of ISO that is different from one another. But usually the greater the ISO that is in use when shooting would cause noise and the image will be broken so as to make the image quality is low. I myself rarely use the maximum ISO, wearing only his usual in the range of 100 to 500.


That bebapa thing to note if we want to buy a DSLR camera. My advice if you want to deepen about the world of photography buy a DSLR camera semi-pro such asthe Canon EOS 60D, Canon EOS 70D, Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 7d Mark II, Nikon D7100 and Nikon D7000.  Because this type of camera is the best in its class and suitable for beginners who want to explore the science of photography. So is the article on How to Choose DSLR Camera For Beginners may be useful and thank you.

Canon PIXMA iX7000 Review

Canon PIXMA iX7000 Review

Canon PIXMA iX7000

Canon PIXMA iX7000 Review – The Canon Pixma iX7000 Inkjet Company Printer ($ 399.99 straight) is the 3rd inkjet printer I’ve seen in the past several months that could publish on paper (11- by 17-inch) or larger-size paper and is aimed securely at little offices– particularly micro and also office. The Canon printer is one of the most expensive of the 3, but also the one with the fewest concessions.

The iX7000 is the only one of the 3 that includes a duplexer for automatic printing on both sides of a web page. It’s additionally the just one with a 250-sheet paper tray (the HP printer holds 150 sheets, the Epson printer just ONE HUNDRED), and also the just one with greater than one tray, so you could pack greater than one kind or dimension of paper at a time.

Three Trays

In fact, the iX7000 provides 3 trays, which is 2 more than either of the various other printers. Yet I have to take care below not to oversell the paper handling, because there are some essential restrictions and also unusual concessions. The 3 trays include a 250-sheet cassette in the front as well as a 10-sheet hands-on feed tray simply above it. Both the cassette as well as hand-operated feed tray are limited to plain paper. Furthermore, there’s a tray in the back that’s designed strictly for photo paper as well as envelopes. Depending on the dimension as well as sort of the image paper, the tray could take 1, 10, or 20 sheets. Conversely– and also of a lot more usage in the majority of workplaces– it can hold 10 envelopes. Keep in mind too that although the back tray could hold photo paper as huge as 13 by 19 inches, the front trays can print on paper up to only tabloid size (11 by 17 inches) and also A3 size.